Dear colleagues,

The Discipline of Neurosurgery of the Paulista School of Medicine in partnership with the University of Saint Louis invites you to participate in the International Course of Neurosurgery Anatomy Applied to Brain Approaches.

Module 1 - Micro Neuroanatomy - directed to brain approaches;
Module 2 - Cadaveric Hands-on;
Module 3 - Discussion of the Neurosurgical clinical cases.

There will be 22 workstations available with fresh cadaveric specimens, with blood vessel previously injected allowing an exercise of numerous surgical accesses to the skull.

We will discuss and highlight the tips, tricks and pitfalls of the most frequent approaches used for both pediatric and adult patients.

The objective of this hands on course is that, at the end of it, you acquire more knowledge and confidence to perform from the simplest to the most complex surgical accesses.

We will wait for you in Saint-Louis.

Sergio Cavalheiro M.D.,PhD.
Chairman of the Neurological Surgery Department of the Paulista School of Medicine/UNIFESP

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Feres Eduardo Aparecido Chaddad Neto M.D.,PhD.

Sergio Cavalheiro M.D.,PhD.

Ricardo Silva Centeno M.D.,PhD.

Samuel Tau Zymberg M.D.,PhD.

Manoel Antonio de Paiva Neto M.D.,PhD.

Fábio Veiga de Castro Sparapani M.D.,PhD.


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